WUSC Openly Shows its Hatred for Rwandan Refugees.

The struggle for Rwandan refugees continues in various parts of the world. Many Rwandans who fled away during and after the Rwandan genocide in 1994 live under a strong dilemma of either staying as refugees or repatriating to their home countries. I visited one of the Rwandan refugee camps that host Rwandan refugees in Malawi. It is located 46 Kilometers from the capital of Malawi.

Just upon arrival at this location, I smelled the discriminatory scent oozing all over the place. The discrimination is present by some of their fellow refugees as well as some organizations that were supposed to be working for the interests of refugees. The most obvious discriminatory act was perpetrated by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC )as openly dined to grant scholarships to Rwandan refugees, in particular, any longer. This erupted depression in Rwandan refugee youth students as they feel discriminated just for belonging to a particular ethnic group that may or may have not depending on the side of the story that you might opt to stand on that outlines which ethic group perpetrated in the Rwandan Genocide.

The Rwandan community leaders stood up to ask the main reason for this abrupt decision that was enforced without any consultations since WUSC was considered to be an organization that based its focus on merit rather than country backgrounds. It was in 2018 when WUSC removed all eligible Rwandan scholarship candidates from its lists, and they promised to revise their decisions in the following year. Now, this has been happening for the past 3 years leaving most Rwandan students stranded and hopeless by not knowing what they can do to pursue their dreams.

I tried to speak to some Secondary school teachers about this. They all seemed to be very disappointed with this decision because Rwandan students tend to be the most hardworking and intelligent students in the entire country. Students from other nationalities posed a lot of questions to show their disapproval and disappointments for being betrayed by the organization that they all trusted. Undoubtedly, the WUSC decision has political endorsement. For many years the Rwandan president and his government always plotted and penalized the lives of Rwandan refugees. In one of the president’s speeches, he said: “I will never rest until the education of Rwandan refugees all over the world is terminated “. This is one of the evidence which shows that it was planned to stop the education of Rwanda refugees (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le1L9EcHcK4). This is Kabarebe’s statement that the Rwandan refugee children have the same mentality as their parents who did genocide and explains that these children have to be stopped. He said that in Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and Europe Rwandan refugees are the richest. 

There have been reports that the Rwandan government has demanded that the children of the (assumed killers) should not be allowed to continue to proceed with education. On January 22, 2021, one of the unnamed refugee leaders because of the security issues, told us that after the students were removed in the WUSC Program, WUSC officials explained that the children are not supposed to be punished for the wrong of their parents or this is a pure unjust act. Most Rwandan refugees work hard and they earn their money legally. It is impunity and a repulsive act of vengeance that the Rwandan government has been portraying the international organization as far as the whole world is concerned towards its people.  “For the past years Rwanda has been sending spies and assassins in Malawi to torment the lives of Rwandans and these decisions that are now being shown by the organizations that are supposed to be caring for us is the right proof that our lives in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp are no longer safe. “This is the statement that was said with a Rwandan widow whose husband was recently killed by whom she called Rwandan spies.  It is alleged that the UNHCR and the government of Malawi accept the Rwandan spies unknowingly and they are the ones who are behind this. In the story that can found on this link (https://glpost.com/why-is-rwanda-so-afraid-of-dr-denis-mukwege/) and at this link (https://www.bbc.com/ General / News-53819793) General Kabarebe intimidates Congolese Denis Mukwege over the Mapping Report published in 2009 accusing the Rwandan army of massacres in the country. More than 35% of children in Rwanda have stunting problems. 

A report by Human Rights Watch in 2020 highlights violence and atrocities against those inside the country. The government has also been accused of such acts in neighbouring countries (https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2020/country-chapters/rwanda#). We conclude by asking if Rwanda belongs to everyone. These actions are followed by other acts against Rwandans including the denial of asylum or illegal deportation. We are still trying to find a way to contact the WUSC administration and the UNHCR and the Government of Malawi to find more details about this.

World University Service of Canada (WUSC)

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