The refugees in Malawi are thankful for how the Malawian continued to help them. As one of the most peaceful countries in the world, the Malawi government did a lot for refugees including allowing refugee children to study in governmental schools from primary to university. The government has also allowed some refugees to volunteer in different domains including health education and so on. It helped them to do business and certificated marriage between refugees and citizens.

The home countries of these refugees are not safe, and the government of Malawi has signed the CRRF in 2016 which will help the refugees to develop themselves and the host country. Above the mentioned things the Malawi government has provided peace to more than 48 thousand refugees from DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, and Ethiopia. 

Malawi's Refugee Crisis - Malawi | ReliefWeb

It is unbelievable how the government of Malawi is changing and starting to violate the rights of refugees who are doing their business to survive. In 2018 the Deputy Commissioner for Refugees in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Dr Hudson Mankhwala cited how a refugee called Dr Mireille Twayigira was a refugee how she was serving as a medical doctor in the country, it was a good example of how the country can benefit the potential within refugee camps. 

All organizations and countries are surprised and questioning what is going on now in the peaceful country, which was helping the refugees.

Trafficking in Refugee Camp Malawi

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