Since yesterday around midday in the country of Malawi, there have been rumors that a military plane carrying nine people, including the country’s vice president, Dr. SAULOS CYIRIMA has gone missing. The news says that vice president CHIRIMA used the plane because he was going to leave the president. CYAKWERA you had to go on a business trip to the BAHAMAS and Switzerland.

The latest news says that when he was taking off from Muzuzu Airport, the weather was bad, including fog, which made them say that the plane returned to Muzuzu Airport because it would not continue its journey to LILONGWE, the capital of the country. he disappeared.

One of the chief officers of the MALAWI police spoke to the newspaper when he was asked how it would be to see the plane containing the vice president, the officer said that the official information is that the plane that was reported missing is still being searched and more information that they know will be shared with us.

It was also confirmed on the night of 10/6/2024 by the president of MALAWI CYAKWERA in a speech he addressed to the citizens where he told them that he was sorry to tell the people of MALAWI that the plane with nine people had gone missing. ,friends with MALAWI including ISRAEL,UK….


since it started to be said that the plane disappeared, the people immediately went into confusion and began to wonder how the plane disappeared with the vice president

The people of MALAWI, who were democratic and not afraid to express their opinions, began to accuse the current administration, especially the president of that country, that he had saved himself from the one who was going to compete in the elections… but these were the words of the people of MALAWI, especially those who use social media.

the president confirmed the death of the vice president who was also with him

when there was a lot of noise in the country of MALAWI, everyone gave the information they wanted at noon on the national television, the president CYAKWERA confirmed the news that the plane was found and all the people on board, including the vice president, died, he managed to express his condolences to the families who lost their lives and the people of MALAWI in public, so now the people are calm but they have persuasion and show that they don’t suspect the accident

We will keep you posted on that news.

written by Obed Ndahayo (priest’s son)

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