Unusual celebration of Refugee Day in Malawi!

How COVID-19 has changed refugee organizations | Africa | DW | 20.06.2020

The world as a whole celebrates International Refugee Day on 20/06. In Malawi, the day was celebrated on  Monday 21/06/2021. It is a day to remember and protect the rights of refugees in different countries. It comes while in Malawi refugees are being abused to the fullest and most of their cases in Malawian courts. It is recalled that refugees in Malawi have been ordered to return to the Dzaleka camp with a capacity to accommodate no more than 10,000 refugees while in Malawi there are an estimated 50,000 refugees. Let’s mention that the Malawian government was embarrassed to hold the Refugee Day in the Dzaleka refugee camp as the way it used to be before, this day was celebrated a short distance from the camp known as Dowa. Holding this day outside the camp has a hidden meaning to many of the refugees who didn’t have the chance to express themselves on that day.

Filippo Grandi who is Commissioner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said that various authorities are not willing to work for peace. He continued to wonder about the future of refugees with visible and invisible wounds caused by war-torn conflicts.

Obed Ndahayo

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