Malawi: Protests in Dzaleka Camp due to lack of food

Since Wednesday, some of the refugees from the Dzaleka refugee camp have been protesting. It is a peaceful protest in which they lost patience and decided to take hostages of the World Food Program (WFP) car. The protesters say they are not happy with the inequality that the organization used in making some of the lists of food recipients. It is a long-standing decision where some of the refugees have been removed from the list of those receiving aid, which was done by WFP. Some of those who spoke to the Intambwe Newspaper said that they were surprised because most of those who were removed were poor, while the able-bodied remained on the list. After meeting the protestors, they decided to seize the WFP vehicle, saying that they would release it if they get a response. When Intambwe Newspaper arrived at Dzaleka Camp, it found the car surrounded by protesters, and they passed the night there. There are women, men, and children with faces that look hungry and unwell. We are still trying to contact the various authorities

Obed Ndahayo (Umwana w’ Umutambyi)

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