“MALAWI : GIRAMATA in the high court!

Most of those who follow what is happening in Malawi are Rwandans, no one knows the name Giramata; this young woman became a household name because of the wealth she and her husband had at a young age. This man became famous for showing himself to be more powerful than all the other Rwandans in the country, where he used to threaten them in various ways, threatening them that he was in contact with the powerful authorities, whether in Rwanda or Malawi.

It turned out that her ex-husband, Habimana Emile, died in an accident, which was later found to be untrue.
As we have been repeating in the stories published in Intambwe newspaper, the first person to be blamed for the death of her ex-husband is Giramata Gentille; This was also confirmed by the members of the deceased’s family who did not leave aside, they believe that their child and brother was spoken to by Giramata! This is based on the fact that Giramata was the one who brought Emile’s body to the hospital in the night, but he did not register it, and the paper he was given to go and pick up the body, he went and threw it at the sister of the deceased, so that they would pick up the body.

Another sign is that Giramata was the first to admit that Emile was killed by an accident, and he quickly organized his funeral, together with one of his friends who are believed to have participated in the conspiracy called Masombenya, who is said to have escaped from Rwanda after escaping from prison. , where he was imprisoned for his role in the Genocide. That night, as we have been repeating in stories published in Intambwe newspaper, Giramata had already immediately paid for the coffin that was to be buried in the body of her husband, the late Émile Habimana, and everything else necessary, without waiting for the family of the deceased to come to the meeting.

As we have told you, the family of the deceased immediately stopped the funeral, ordering an investigation to see what happened to their brother; after a while, the report showed that the late Émile Habimana was not killed by an accident, but was bewitched! This immediately strengthened the suspicions about Giramata’s role in the death of her ex-husband!

Those who want that information, should visit Intambwe in its news stories.

After the conviction, Giramata was imprisoned, but at the beginning of 2023 he was released on parole to face the case without imprisonment. Among the things he had been ordered by the judge, there were places where he was not allowed to cross, especially the borders of the country of Malawi; this at the end of the year 2023 Giramata came to overcome it, when he was arrested at the airport of Zambia, he escaped from justice. He was sent back to Malawi and imprisoned again.


Since he was arrested again, many Rwandans have been curious to know what is going on: as your Intambwe newspaper is disappointed, it has had an interview with an employee of the Minister of Justice in Malawi who does not want his name to be published, he told Intambwe newspaper that the Giramata case is under investigation to talk to her husband was supposed to be tried now on the 3rd of this month, 6/2024 in the high court of Lilongwe area 3, this was already approved by the family members of Emile Habimana, who announced that the case has been moved to tomorrow, Tuesday the 4th of this month, 6/2024.
After hearing these changes, Intambwe newspaper asked the Ministry of Justice, they did not announce much, but said that today there are urgent actions related to the preparation of elections.
As usual, Intambwe newspaper will continue to follow the story.

written by: Obed Ndahayo (priest’s son)

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